Band Council

This page contains the members of the SHS Student Band Council and their respective positions, along with the Marching Band section leaders that participate in the Band Council during the Marching Band season.

Student Band Council 

President – Aurora Prochot

Vice President – Kevin Jackson

Secretary – Maddie Johnston

Publicity – Itzel Ramirez

9th Grade Reps – Alondra Hernandez, Blake Lee, and Karen Vuong

10th Grade Rep – Anna Boyd

Drum Majors – Ruby Wilson & Frankie Buchsteiner

Webmaster – Jennika Paulson

Marching Band Section Leaders

Flute – Kelly Vuong

Clarinet – Dalton Lee

Alto – Jennika Paulson

Tenor – Natasha Giulietti

Trumpet – Jessica Giulietti

Mellophone – Clay Robison

Low Brass – Chrissi Robinson

Drumline – Cristian Belshe

Pit – Casey Beckett

Colorguard – Grace Beckner & Madison Cook