Q:  Can my student rent an instrument from the school, or do we need to purchase one?

A:  Sheldon does have some school instruments that are available for students to rent for the year ($50 yearly rental fee), but we have a limited number.  Often, we only have enough instruments to accommodate 1/4th of incoming 9th graders.  If your student seems like they are really interested in taking band classes throughout high school, purchasing an instrument is a great idea!  If that is not an option, instrument rentals are available through several local music stores, including Pacific Winds Music and Eugene Music.


Q:  Is there a “Beginning Band” class offered at Sheldon, where students can learn to play an instrument for the first time?

A:  Unfortunately, no.  In our region, beginning band classes are offered at the middle school level only.  The entry level band at Sheldon (Concert Band) requires at least two years of band experience to participate.


Q:  Is there a fee to participate in band?

A:  Yes.  The fee for incoming 9th graders participating in Concert Band is $40.