Evolution Jazz Band

Course Description: Evoltuion Jazz Band
Prerequisite: Membership in Concert Band, Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble (must participate in a large ensemble)

Evolution Jazz Band is a performing ensemble that studies and performs a wide variety of musical styles including Latin, swing, funk, rock, and big band. There is a strong emphasis on musical improvisational skills and music reading. The jazz band will participate in several concerts and festivals throughout the year. It is required that all members of the Jazz Band also participate in a large ensemble.


2016-17 Evolution Jazz

Alto Sax 1: Aidan Seidel & Haruka Manabe
Alto Sax 2: Itzel Ramirez
Tenor 1: Evan Salas & Aaron Williams
Tenor 2: Alondra Hernandez & Nicholas Casarez
Bari Sax: Jacob Gates

Trombone 1: Ellie Opdahl
Trombone 2: Kelly Vuong
Trombone 3: Frankie Buchsteiner & Wesley Baum

Trumpet 1: Anna Boyd & Edward Booth
Trumpet 2: Byron Thompson
Trumpet 3: Cole Keady
Trumpet 4: Elijah Routley & Juliet Roman

String Bass: Aurora Brown
Guitar: Tommy Christiansen
Drums: Blake Lee
Vibes: Hannah Scott