Wind Ensemble

Course DescriptionMarching Band/Wind Ensemble (College Now)
Prerequisite:  Concert Band/Symphonic Band
During the first trimester the Marching Band will rehearse and perform as a marching unit in parades and field shows. During the second and third trimester the Wind Ensemble will rehearse and perform high level concert band music.
Wind Ensemble is the premiere ensemble for the highest level players. Students study a wide variety of musical repertoire, develop appreciation and skills for musical understanding and performance, and have the opportunity to participate in many activities including, field shows, street parades, concerts, music festivals, out-of-town trips, solo and ensemble contests, and pep band.


2016-17 Wind Ensemble

(Alphabetical By Last Name)

Natasha Giulietti
Savanna Johnson
Daniella Maldonado
Natasha McMillian
Zoe Skelton
Kelly Vuong

Meghan Mudd

Jasmine Acree
Frankie Buchsteiner
Madison Cook
Dalton Lee
Aurora Prochot
Itzel Ramirez

Bass Clarinet:
Sebastian Owens

Alto Sax:
Kai Boyd
Jacob Gates
Aaron Henley
Jennika Paulson
Diana Reyna-Salgado

Tenor Sax:
Alex Loesch
Evan Salas
Jason Stauss
Aaron Williams

Bari Sax:
Ruby Wilson

Casey Beckett
Edward Booth
Saul Davalos
Jessica Giulietti
Maddie Johnston
Cole Keady
Makayla King
Zak Moore
Byron Thompson

French Horn:
Wesley Baum
Clay Robison

Jacob Lupercio
Chrissi Robinson

Alton Hernandez
Abe Routley

Cristian Belshe
Jordan Gates
Kevin Jackson
Josep Mas Garcia
Gabe Roman
PJ Sanchez
Tegan Shapiro-Frost