The “Big Trip”

Our next scheduled trip year is 2019.  There will be a mandatory trip meeting for all band students and parents on April 25th, 2018.

Every three years, the band program (sophomores through seniors) goes on a “big trip.”  This trip is an opportunity for students to participate in a nationally recognized festival outside of our normal Northwest niche.  Nationally known and experienced judges adjudicate and clinic each performing group, providing valuable feedback on their musical growth.  Students get to compete with and hear other groups from around the country and compare their musical experiences.  When they are not performing, students get to experience a variety of activities that are specific to the location which we are visiting.

The year prior to the trip, we determine the destination of the trip, and have a mandatory student/parent meeting where we cover all of the logistics, schedule, and cost for the trip.  The students spend the next year fundraising and working on music to perform during the trip.

Our last trip, in 2016, was to Orlando, Florida.  Elements Jazz Band, Evolution Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble all performed at the festival and won several awards, including:

Wind Ensemble – 1st Place
Evolution Jazz Band  – 1st Place
Symphonic Band – 2nd Place
Elements Jazz Band – 2nd Place
Evolution Jazz Band – Outstanding Band Group Of The Festival
Evolution Jazz Band – Adjudicator’s Choice Award